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Meet the Board - Ken LeMarbe


“17192174_1767136883615550_80524545724290 Kenny's love for baseball started when he was about 5 years old. He played in Commerce little league for years with his father as his coach. He played through high school, then started playing on a softball league for many years.





Ken was first introduced to Lakes Area Athletics (Lakes Baseball) when his son started playing tball in 2005. After watching his son play his first year, he decided he wanted to coach. He started out as an assistant coach for the first season, then became a manager for 8u. He loved teaching the kids so much, he decided to start coaching the tournament teams. When he coached the tournament teams, he would write articles about the kids game, calling himself "Scoop Shutout". All the kids thought that a reporter would come watch the games and write about them, but it was really Ken. He loved seeing the kids get so excited! After a few years of tournament teams, he decided to coach for LCB. In 2011, he became the VP of Lakes. At that time, he decided to help put together the clinics for the younger kids to learn more about baseball. He spent every spare minute he had at the fields working to improve the park and sometimes, just going up to watch some of the kids he has coached play their game. In 2012, he became the president of Lakes. His passion for the kids and the game is never ending. After becoming president, he decided to start having an All-Star game for the kids. He calls it the "sea of colors". If it was up to him, baseball would be a year long event!

Not just a coach...




Through Ken's leadership and hard work, Lakes Baseball was able to get approval to build a storage garage at Hickory Glen Park. This is now a key element for our league. The garage is used to store all of our equipment in the offseason; our children can use the restrooms in the back of the building; during ball games it also serves as home to our concession stands where hot dogs, chips, snacks and drinks are served. Ken isn't just a coach, Ken is an impact maker. Whether it be directly to our youngsters through individual coaching or indirectly with projects like the storage garage, Ken is always moving the ball foward when it comes to the kids of Lakes Baseball.

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